Carrier rate in Iranian Jews:
Approximately 1 in 30

Disease frequency:
Approximately 1 in 900 Iranian Jewish couples are at risk of having a child with this condition

Carrier rate in the general population:

Other ethnic groups in which it occurs:

Autosomal recessive

Age of onset of symptoms:

There is a wide range of how people are affected with this salt losing disorder. The more severe forms can result in critical dehydration and shock in the newborn period. If untreated, the infant may die. In less severe forms, individuals may have poor weight gain (failure to thrive) as a child, short stature, experience blood pressure irregularity, weakness, dizziness, or salt craving.

Average lifespan:
With early detection and on-going therapeutic intervention a normal life span, growth, and development are expected.

What causes the features of the disease:

Treatment or management:

Carrier testing - number of mutations screened for and detection rate in the Iranian Jewish population:

Other testing information:

Current research:

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