Screening for Carrier Status

Individuals can be screened for all of these diseases with one blood test. If a person is found to be a carrier, a genetic counselor can explain the implications of this finding. When two prospective parents are found to be carriers of a gene for the same disorder(s), a genetic counselor can provide important information and support, which may be helpful in making family planning decisions.

Although the results of these tests are highly accurate, there may be rare mutations that the test may not detect. The genetic counselor will be able to discuss this and other concerns with you in more detail.

It is important to realize that these diseases can occur in other ethnic groups as well. If you and/or your spouse are of partial, non-Jewish, or Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, you may still wish to consider carrier screening for Sephardic Jewish genetic diseases.

To find a testing center near you, contact the Sephardic Health Organization for Referral & Education via email at, or consult your OB/GYN or family physician.