For Rabbis & Spiritual Community Leaders
One of the goals of SHORE is to educate rabbis and other spiritual leaders, as well as rabbinical students, about genetic disorders common in the Sephardic and Jewish community at large. We offer assistance to these leaders so that they can be best prepared whenever couples request officiating at wedding service or come for other halachic guidance. We offer training to Rabbis and other spiritual leaders of our community so that they can educate their congregants about genetic disorders or direct them to someone who can. Whether you as a Rabbi or spiritual leader want to share your halachic issues or learn more about carrier screening, organizing events or the science behind the genetic disorders, SHORE can help you better serve the health of your community.

To learn more about Jewish medical and ethical issues visit our collection of resources below:

The Academic Coalition for Jewish Bioethics
The ACJB strives to broaden and deepen biomedical conversation in Jewish life and to create models of cooperation across the spectrum of Jewish practice.

The Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists
The Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists is an organization devoted to the orientation of science within the framework of Orthodox Jewish tradition. The organization aims to assist those endeavors which will help improve the Torah way of life for Jews throughout the modern world, both intellectually and practically.

Darche Noam: Medical Ethics and Halakha
This site provides articles concerning Halakhic issues for regarding various medical conditions and concerns.

The Schlesinger Institute
The Schlesinger Institute is a research and teaching institute in the field of Jewish medical ethics. The Institute aims to research halachic issues that emerge as medicine progresses; provide facilities as a resource center for health care professionals, students and the general public, and acquaint professionals and the public with the important interaction between medicine, ethics and halacha.

Hebrew Union College: Ethics in Medicine
The Ethics Center's mission is to promote research and education relating to ethical issues in the field of medicine.

Bioethics for Clinicians
The Canadian Medical Association Journal has assembled a series of key concepts in bioethics to help clinicians integrate bioethical knowledge into daily practice. These articles are written by scholars in medicine, ethics and law. One article is entitled “Jewish bioethics” and is written by Gary Goldsand, Zahava R.S. Rosenberg and Michael Gordon.

Jerusalem Center for Research: Medicine and Halacha
The Jerusalem Center for Research studies the halachic implications of modern medical developments and practice. This research forms the basis for educational activities and consultation in the field of medical ethics for the medical and lay communities both in Israel and abroad.

Jewish Examining Halacha, Jewish Issues and Secular Law
This site provides not only a research center in order to learn and acquire knowledge, but also a forum for people to communicate with each other for professional networking purposes.

Medical Ethics and Halacha: A Resource of the Albert Einstein Synagogue
This site provides a list of links and resources regarding medical ethics and halacha.

The National Association of Judaism and Medicine
The NAJM provides a discussion forum for the ever-expanding world of possibilities opened by the advance of medical science in light of the millenniums-old Jewish ethical tradition.

Hadassah: Department of Women's Health
Hadassah's Department of Women's Health and Advocacy provides educational programming on health issues that empowers women to make informed healthcare and lifestyle choices.