About SHORE (Sephardic Health Organization for Referral and Education)
The Sephardic Health Organization for Referral & Education (SHORE) is a self standing organization comprised of organizations, synagogues, prominent members, physicians, and spiritual leaders from the Sephardic community sharing a common goal of combating Sephardic Jewish genetic diseases. SHORE has formed to unite the Sephardic/Iranian Jewish (SJ/IJ) community to promote education and awareness about genetic diseases that occur most frequently in the SJ/IJ population.

The mission of SHORE is to 1) increase awareness and educate the community about Sepharadic Jewish genetic diseases 2) encourage genetic testing for carrier status inorder to help eliminate genetic diseases in future generations of our community and 3) provide a source of information for affected individuals and their families.

Please use the navigation links above to learn more about Sephardic and Iranian Jewish genetic diseases and other available resources. If additional questions that have not been answered you may contact a SHORE representative by email at info@shoreforlife.org